DotServe INC provides domain registration services through its global partner network. Please use the contact form given below for:

  1. Identification of the Registration Service Provider – In order to obtain support with regards to any domain name, you need to get in touch with the organization through which you registered this domain. Fill the form to request for the registration service provider’s contact details. Please note that requests will be accepted only from the registered name holder of the concerned domain name.
  2. Reporting Spam Complaints – To report Unsolicited Commercial Email or SPAM received from one of the domain names registered through Registrar DotServe INC. Please submit SPAM email headers along with the complaint.
  3. File Domain Abuse Complaint – If you want to report incidents of domain abuse such as Phishing, Malware, Child Abuse or any unlawful activity carried out by the domain owner please fill the form accordingly with evidence in terms of links, screenshots or text. Law enforcement agencies can use this option to submit their requests too.

To view our Abuse processes, click here. You can access details of our dedicated Abuse Contact here

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